Our legal practice is divided as follows:

  • Civil, Constitutional and Commercial Litigation
  • Corporate Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Condominiums
  • Criminal Law

Civil, Constitutional and Commercial Litigation

We handle all type of civil and commercial matters and federal and local level, as well as the commercial international arbitration and insolvency proceedings; likewise, we may coordinate multi-jurisdiction litigations, including United States of America, Canada, Caribbean, Spain and Latin-America.

In our commercial practice, we have broad experience in matters of contractual interpretation, shareholders disputes, as well as cases related to damages and loss of profits and, in general, we represent our clients in court in many business areas such as construction, infrastructure projects, tourism, real estate, hotel management, finance, environmental, among others.

Our civil practice is focused on real estate conflicts related to property and possession of all type of real estate, with emphasis on large portions of land with encroachment problems and measure and boundaries.

In addition to the constitutional practice derived from the civil and commercial cases, we also represent our clients on constitutional issues regarding administrative matters.

Only in special cases and circumstances, we represent our clients in family law litigation.

Corporate law and transactions.

In addition to the general corporate practice, we are involved in corporate mergers and acquisitions and real estate transactions for tourism and hotel business and housing projects, corporate governance, joint ventures, strategic alliances, trusts, among others.

We have coordinated the participation of law firms from different areas and legal cultures in projects and start-ups.

Administrative Law

Our attorneys have broad experience within the administrative law becoming an important tool for the business of our clients in order to obtain and follow up any type of permits and licenses and in general, governmental authorizations for any commercial, industrial or residential project.

In addition, as part of our service in this area of practice combined with our litigation group, we provide services in case of a contingency or controversies with the administrative authorities at the municipal, state and federal level.


We have broad experience assisting condominiums’ managements, condo owners, HOA’s, developers of high-end residential complexes, acting as counsel in conflicts among them, acting in condo assemblies with high level of complexity, and/or handling litigations.

Likewise, we have attorneys devoted to collection of maintenance fees.

Criminal Law

In order to comply with a increasing demand of our clients, we have created the specific area of practice for criminal law with emphasis is defense and white collar crimes.